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Le Journal de la Photographie

Ronald Shakespear Visiting the Sixties Great artists are blind to the traditional borders of creative endeavor. They don’t yield to the exclusive canon built up over generations by craft’s practitioners. Instead, they follow their muse, often tripping from one medium to the next to discover and declare their vision across a mutable palette of artistic tools. Share → Tweet

Buenos Aires Underground

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a culturally diverse city with a population of approximately twelve million people. The firm Diseño Shakespear has made a lasting impression on many facets of the city’s visual culture and information infrastructure. Leer nota completa en www.arqa.com     Share → Tweet

Entrevista a Ronald Shakespear

Conversamos con Ronald Shakespear, Director de “Diseño Shakespear Argentina”, una de las compañías dedicadas al diseño con más prestigio de Argentina y el mundo quien nos aportó su visión del diseño hoy. Leer nota completa en Reporte Inmobiliario  Share → Tweet